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Recently in year 2013 Digital Guide connected up with Birla International School Sojat City. We are happy and ensured to launch our new web based solution getanswers.webnode.com. This website is basically for students of Birla International School Sojat City. Our website offer complete digital format of all the exercies of lessons in the course of Birla International School, Sojat City. Using our website the Birla International School students can download answers of exercise of different lessons of different subjects

Central Objective

1. Student can directly download the answers of all excercies.

2. Student does not require to get notebooks from thier classmates for incomplete work.

3. Complete answers lesson wise managed in a PDF file.



Revised Edition of Class III to VIII

01/06/2014 17:10
Dear BIS Kids We are very happy to share the revised edition of Get Answers. We are sharing revised...


Class III to VIII Subject Computer Digitization

04/05/2014 12:38
Dear Students Class III to VIII Subject Computer Revised Answer Manual of all lessons will be...


Class XII Subject Computer Digitization

04/03/2014 20:58
Dear Students Class XII Computer complete course including syllabus and text...


Class XI Subject Computer Digitization

04/03/2014 20:56
Dear Students Class XI Computer complete course including syllabus and text books are...